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Snaidero America

Kitchens Accessories


Pocket Doors

Sipario pocket doors can be configured to include fully functional kitchens, electrical appliances, and storage units with facilities for preparing food. The depth, width, and height of each unit can be adjusted.

The Sipario full-height pocket doors contribute to the design of minimalist environments by hiding the functional area and conveying an embracing effect.


Specialized Solutions.

The components that connect the kitchen and living room are called Rialto display units.

Snaidero America’s newly constructed Winery completes the area between the kitchen and living room—a display case holding glasses, bottles, and other items.

Like every other component in the Rialto line, the doors are made of smoked glass, and the carcass may be customized with various materials to match the kitchen perfectly.

Opening of the living.

Precious items are meant to be preserved and exhibited in the RIALTO SHOWCASES. The solutions are highly striking because they showcase the interior fittings and are associated with various interior customization possibilities related to the design study for the finishes.

Maximal focus on the details.

SNAIDERO display cabinets are a very intricate blend of technological and stylistic research done to the limit rather than only being an essential container element.

The lighting system within the showcase units highlights the interior fixtures while preventing glare thanks to a flush-mounted vertical cut-out on the unit team’s side.



All of our kitchen models can be equipped with the e_Wall system.

Three alternative ergonomic versions are available: System S, System M, and System L. With its open components that may be combined into an island arrangement or wall-mounted, this concept is incredibly adaptable. There is a ton of room for customization.

System S offers complete customization choices for outfitting the kitchen, thanks to its diverse range of functional parts that foster individual inventiveness.

Small drop-down doors in the entire line of Snaidero America materials can be added to System S. If the worktop is not operative, System S can be incorporated on even shallower tops. However, System S can be integrated on operative worktops starting at a depth of 74 cm.

Integration of System M is possible in both wall-mounted and island setups. The 22 cm deep construction enhances the kitchen arrangement with unique aspects. A worktop supports the island structure and features a special fumè glass back panel that is 44 cm high, giving it a clear and transparent visual appeal.

Transforms the kitchen into a room for living. Keyword: unwind. A manually operated vertical lift opening door is provided for System L.

The functioning and the open environment become closed, exposing an upper open unit. A straightforward gesture transforms a workspace into a warm and comfortable living space. To hide the functioning region, the arrangement can be framed with a side panel that is 12 mm thick.


Internal intelligence.

With its foundation in kitchenware and cabinets, Passepartout is an open, adaptable system that may be used for a variety of tasks. a system that, with its many novel features and surprising turns, completely transforms kitchen life.

Passepartout cabinets make it easier to design a kitchen that completely suits your way of life.

Organize in your own unique style.

Because of the flexibility of our system, you are able to configure any component in any way to suit your requirements.

The Passepartout collection’s containers are Snaidero-customized, an elegant touch that enhances the kitchen’s interior design.


Ta’or gives the cabinets’ interiors an unwavering quality and beauty—handmade, genuine, and flawlessly completed goods.

The variety of Ta’or boxes available in the new Canaletto wood treatment enhances the quality of the drawers and baskets.

Ta’or’s clever design is built around a robust HDF core composed of recycled materials and premium wood veneer.



Innovative and lightweight, this bridge console made of black anodized aluminum may be installed over the peninsula or the island.

It is convenient to mount various meal preparation equipment and kitchen tools on it, together with a diffused light.

This structure fills the demand for a lightweight, functional, discretely furnished element accessible to all price points.


As shared areas become smaller, clever ideas and tangible answers are needed.

The Snaidero America container offers a versatile area that may be outfitted to suit your own needs.

It comes in 150 and 220-cm sizes and offers three distinct interior equipment solutions: laundry, pantry, and mixed. This makes it easier to organize items that are hard to find a place for, especially in limited areas.


The kitchen is a living place.

The kitchen and living area can coexist peacefully thanks to the open units made of polished aluminum.

The open units include an eighteen-color-optioned painted aluminum chassis, with back panels and shelves in various melamine, wood, and mat lacquer finishes.

The back panel, the shelves, and the structure of the open units are all customized.