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Andreucci & Hoisl Design

LINK is for connection, and it’s dedicated to people who think they’re ready for a revolution in the conventional notion of home space.

Aesthetics finally has a purpose because to functionality. Link’s creative and understated design encourages functionality.

The project effectively creates an atmosphere that can be experienced at any time of day by illustrating the relationship between the spaces—the moments when people’s experiences take center stage and the interactions between the kitchen and its use.

Simplicity of geometrical lines

By selecting the same finish as the fronts, the worktop surface may be customized, making the layout look cohesive. The area becomes the focal point of a series of solids and voids as a result of the monolith effect’s pure aesthetics, which also highlights the space’s crisp geometric lines.

The kitchen has a creative dual solution for the door opening: using a flat or curved channel guarantees a highly functional aesthetic.


The door has an integrated profile with a 35-degree tilted design. It is composed of knurled aluminum and comes in three finishes: black, titanium, and stainless steel.

A highly comfortable door action exposes a clean-cut design in the solution with the curved channel. Conversely, the flat profile accentuates the minimalistic look’s strictness and cleanliness even more.


Matt Lacquer Super-Matt


Worktop – Quartz

Worktop – Solid Surface