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Massimo Iosa Ghini Design

The traditional is seen via a modern prism.
Kelly is a brand of cabinets designed for people who enjoy contemporary kitchen design but are drawn to more elaborate and “old-fashioned” accents.

Conventional design principles have been reexamined with Kelly to expand on conventional tastes in home décor by embracing fresh style transpositions that exude timeless elegance while incorporating a dash of contemporary flair.

Smart Luxury

Kelly’s overall design has a powerful traditional impact since every stylistic decision was carefully considered. The framed door with integrated channeled ledges is cleanly cut and chiseled, and the priceless corner ornaments are reminiscent of the work of master artisans from bygone eras.


The high art is found in the rich decorative details that give the kitchen life and ensure that every element works together, from the perfectly placed corner decorations to the finely detailed matt and gloss lacquered surfaces.


Matt Lacquer Super-Matt


Worktop – Quartz

Worktop – Solid Surface