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Michele Marcon Design

Timeless Aesthetics.
Look is a modern kitchen that embodies classic style.

The secret is accomplishing more with less, combining a few standout instrumental parts to create beauty.

The recessed finger pulls and handleless panel doors showcase the essential, minimalist design.

Living spaces.

Open areas that adapt to your needs and custom features that let you use your kitchen in any way you please: the open wall and island cabinets provide adaptable, valuable solutions.


A distinct, custom-made style combines new living features, such as handleless panel doors and recessed finger pulls, with a conflation of volumes and materials.

The hardwood worktop, which can be positioned over base units or utilized as a free-standing work surface, is one of the design’s standout elements.

The squared panel doors are sleek and contain hidden stainless steel rails to keep them safe when opened.


Matt Lacquer Super-Matt


Worktop – Quartz

Worktop – Solid Surface