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Snaidero Design

Elementi, the result of Snaidero’s study and development focusing on the fundamental qualities of shapes, is the pinnacle of the minimalist aesthetic.

The design components combine practicality and aesthetics, allowing for a broad design idea focused on modern minimalist architecture.

With Elementi, it is possible to create monolithic volumes enhanced by rare materials and a recognizable sign. A bright blade in the dark, a cut in the stone, the evidence of water eroding rock.

The construction uses four primary natural materials: stone (ceramic), glass, aluminum, and wood.

Groove door

Elementi has a unique door-opening system that offers both functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions for your kitchen space. The design conveys a sense of simplicity and minimalism while providing a relaxing atmosphere free from any constraints imposed by shapes and materials.

The door’s profile detail is expertly fashioned onto a cast-iron grey aluminum frame, showcasing a striped pattern edge highlighting the material’s quality and technical aspect.

Unique to this design, the Groove door can be designed from floor to ceiling, or, in the case of functional sections, it can follow the plinth’s ergonomics.


Tibetus, a sophisticated and lightweight bridge console made of black anodized aluminum that Snaidero developed, can be installed on the kitchen island.

To the standard glasses from the range are added decor glasses such as the bronze braided finish. Because they are made using cutting-edge technology, they imply an extremely sophisticated three-dimensional effect.

Common interior elements add-ons enhance the practicality of this fantastic design.


Matt Lacquer Super-Matt


Worktop – Quartz

Worktop – Solid Surface