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Pininfarina Design

Ola is a stylish, ergonomic, and opulent addition to any house. It is a formal blend of soft, curving lines and flowing movement.

Technology and craftsmanship: The Pininfarina style is typified by the design of the leg supports on the island and peninsula.

A piece of art that embodies creativity and experimentation with color, materials, and design.

Soft and unique design.
A design that offers the house sophisticated, opulent, and ergonomic dynamics.

The Shaped Worktop

The contoured workbench satisfies the needs for ergonomics, design flair, and improved space utilization; it is the ideal combination of function and style.

Snaidero reaffirmed its inherent calling to perpetual creativity. It also brought in a new technology, mica lacquering, intimately related to the auto sector at this time.

This finish once again revolutionized the standards for coatings on household surfaces. Mica was initially presented as a reflecting agent. This material has a distinct sheen and brightness that fractures easily into tiny flakes, giving the appearance of metallic-finish coatings but with far more excellent brightness and cleanliness.


Combine and Contrast.
The primary characteristic of this kitchen design is its gentle forms. The curved ends of the base cabinets, wall units, and cupboards all accentuate the overall design.


Matt Lacquer Super-Matt


Worktop – Quartz

Worktop – Solid Surface